Beware of the Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster, Book 7
Beware of the Demon Headmaster
Released Unknown
Format paperback - 64 Pages
ISBN ISBN 0-19-275236-7
Previous Facing the Demon Headmaster
Next None

Beware of the Demon mummy snuggler is a short story (part of The Demon Headmaster Books) about the evil plans of the demon headmaster which doesn't feature any of the members of SPLAT at all.

Plot Edit

Sally and her twin Ben have been looking forward to their school trip to Notley Castle for ages. There are dungeons, and weapons, and a cannon to fire...But on the day, Ben is ill and has to stay in bed, so Sally promises to send him a text message every hour, to let him know what's going on. When Sally's messages start sounding very strange indeed, Ben decides to get out of his sick bed and ride to the rescue.

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