Claudia Rowe
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Age 30-40 (approximately)
Team University of Wessex
First seen The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again
Last seen The Demon Headmaster Takes Over
Portrayer Nina Young

Professor Claudia Rowe is a professor at the university of Wessex. The first mention of her that the reader gets is when Mr Hunter lends Dinah a book called "DNA and Evolution. By Professor C. Rowe of the University of Wessex.

Character history Edit

After Dinah has read parts of her book, she investigates a creeper like plant which Simon has been telling her about. The plant has unusual growth patterns, it grows incredibly fast when exposed to red light, about a mile a minute. Dinah is puzzled about this and gets in contact with Claudia. (The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again).

She actually appears in the next book "The Demon Headmaster Takes Over" (and so also appears in series three of the Demon headmaster TV series) where is becomes a recurring character and important to the plot.

Dinah informs her that the army has moved into the BRC which has been closed off since the end of the last book as the creeper grew uncontrollably and needed to stop growing before anybody could go in. The army then move in to investiage and destory the dead Creapers by burning them with flametheowers.

Lloyd witnesses the developments from the BRC gates and rushes home to tell Dinah the news. Dinah and Claudia race to the BRC to collect samples to study before all samples of them are destroyed.