Club Purple is a location within the Demon Headmaster book "Facing the Demon Headmaster" and is the main location of the book.

Description Edit

"They went down one side of the supermarket. Behind it was a huge car park, crammed with people. They were talking and laughing, and all of them were trying to edge closer to the long, low building on the far side."

"There was no mistaking what it was. Big cut-out letters stood up on top, flashing as they spelt out the name. PURPLE!!! Below that, the whole front of the club was covered by a silver shutter that glittered and sparked, in a constantly changing pattern." Quote took from "Facing the Demon Headmaster" page 16

"Precisely on time, the huge silver shutter began to slide up, into the thickness of the wall above. Behind it was a row of gleaming arches separated by stout silver pillars. There was twenty or thirty arches, running across the front of the building, and in front of each pillar stood a huge man dressed in a purple tracksuit." Quote took from "Facing the Demon Headmaster" page 18

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