'DJ Pardoman', also known as DJP, is a new, cool, hip DJ (who appears in the the Demon headmaster book, Facing the Demon Headmaster) who DJs at the series of club's around the country called "Club Purple". Pardoman wears an electric mask which hides his real face and instead projects celebrity or well known faces onto itself.

DJ Pardoman causes country wide food shortages by the club's game of telling the clubers to bring certain food items on different club nights which causes panic buying all across the country, by the clubbers as they need that item to get into the club that night. This annoys the population of the country which is a small part of the headmasters plan.

Identity Edit

Up until near the end of the book the members of SPLAT thought that DJ Pardoman was the headmaster in another disguise as the DJ was hiding his face and had control over people, First Purples, and was taking over the country. SPLAT joined together and used the DJ's "Find out my identity contest" to ask questions. As they split up and tracked down people who were at events the DJ had attended, like the opening of record stores etc, the answers they got made them more worried that this was indeed another of the headmaster's plots.

The things that made them suspicious were that everybody who had met the DJ personally replied "I am not able to give out any more information about DJ Pardoman", a phase that echoed previous phases the headmaster has instructed his hypnotised victims to say.

Later all the members of SPLAT, besides Dinah, went to investigate the studio where DJ Pardoman filmed the club purple performances, MediaJam. They managed to get in by Mandy impersonating the aunts voice over the telephone and pretending they were new clients who wished to film at the studios.

SPLAT tracked down DJ Pardoman eventually, after running into some trouble with security, and took off his mask only to find he's not the headmaster:

"Lloyd was speechless. He stared down at the man he had unmasked. It wasn't the Headmaster. This man was young - well under thirty - with a pale brown face and big dark eyes. He was gazing back at Lloyd with a cheerful grin, completely relaxed. He hadn't even taken his feet off of the dressing table."

The DJP explains to Splat that he isn't behind events and the line "I am not able to give out any more information about DJ Pardoman" was written into each contract by his manager. The normal DJP is not the headmaster but his manager except during the demasking where the headmaster takes his place so as to hypnotise everyone.