Dinah Mary Hunter
Demon Headmaster Dinah Hunter
Nickname Di
Age 11 (At the start of the series)
First seen Book: First Book
TV: Episode 1
Last seen Book: Book 6
TV: Takes Over Part 6
Portrayer Frances Amey

Dinah Hunter (formerly Dinah Mary Glass) is one of the main characters of both the Demon Headmaster books and the CBBC hit Television series.

She is a member of Splat! who work together to investigate and foil their former Headmaster's evil plans for world domination.


Dinah is extremely clever for her age particularly when it comes to maths and science. She is quite shy at the beginning, She finds it hard to fit in with her foster brother's Lloyd and Harvey (especially Lloyd) to begin with but after she helps them get rid of the Headmaster she is accepted by them and they persuade their parents to adopt Dinah properly. Dinah becomes a valuable member of SPLAT and her intelligence helps them out of tight spots more than once.


Dinah is a very smart young woman who hides her intelligence from others as she hates the attention, wants to be ordinary and be able to do her own things without being bothered. When she first meets the Headmaster she is asked to fill out a test to see how smart she is, however she messes up it on purpose to hide how smart she really is. She is caught out though by the Headmaster when she does some of Harvey's particularly hard punishment sums (set by the Prefects) that were just a test from the headmaster to see how good she was.

Unlike the rest of Splat! Dinah can be hypnotised and so can be controlled by the Headmaster.

Birth parents

Dinah first talks about her birth parents in the first book when she introduces herself after she goes to the games room with the boys shortly after arriving at the hunters house for the first time:

"My name is Dinah Glass. I'm eleven. My mother and father died when I was one. I've lived in the children's home for ten years"
Dinah Glass, The Demon Headmaster

In Facing the Demon Headmaster when Dinah is talking to Phil Ashby (who she thinks at the time is her father due to the manipulations of the headmaster), Dinah starts telling him about her parents:

"She starts murmuring again. "What comes into mind if I say Stephan Glass? Do you recognize the name? Steve Glass? Stephen and Sally. Sally and Steve. Is that familiar? Married when they were both twenty-four. And then they there was a baby daughter. Dinah. Dinah Mary Glass"
Dinah Glass, Facing the Demon Headmaster

Character history

Prior to the series

Not much is known about Dinah's life before she first appears within the series. We know from several quotes (see above) that Dinah was around one year old when her mum and dad, Sally and Steve Glass, were killed at the age of twenty four. Dinah was sent to an unnamed children's home that we know little about. At the age of Eleven Dinah is in the proses of being adopted by Hunter family.

The Demon headmaster

We first meet Dinah at the start of the first book as she is being driven by her social worker, Miss Wilberforce, to meet the Hunter family for the first time.

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