Eve having just been born from the egg.

Eve was genetically grown by The Evolution Accelerator as one of The Headmaster's experiments. She is half lizard and half Dinah Hunter. She has Dinah's intelligance and lacks in emotions and feelings, the same as the lizard.

Some physical features of the lizard are shown on Eve like on one of her hands, it has green scales and claws. Part of her face also has scales.

After being born from her egg, The Headmaster sets Eve the
Demon Headmaster S02E07

Eve's lifespan coming to an premature end.

task of blocking the exits to the tunnel network and to aprehend Dinah in order to pass her test. She plants Creeper Seeds which block the exits as instructed however a creaper wraps around a CCTV camera which produces sparks.

Eve then unknownly goes on to start a fire which quickly spreads throughout the tunnel network and fills it in thick smog. SPLAT then exit the tunnel network along with Eve and enter the Director's office, The Headmaster explains that Eve wasnt created to last long and SPLAT, Rose and Simon look on in horror as her face crumbles to dust as her life cycle as come to an end.