The Evolution Accelerator is a machine in the Biogenetic Research Centre and could have been possibly invented by The Headmaster and His Staff if not adapted.

It is able to speed up and slow down evolution. The Headmaster wanted to use it as part of his way to take over the world and to obliterate the childhood in humans, thinking it pointless and unnecessary.

The machine can store DNA and analyze the data, the Headmaster used it on a lizard and on a sample of Dinah's DNA to make Eve (possibly named after Eve-olution or the first 'new' human to be created.) It is also possible the machine was used on other reptiles in the lab or fish as tanks of them were seen.

The Headmaster is vapourised by the machine when a creeper lifts him onto it causing his DNA to be stored via computer. The Headmaster is also brought back as a clone from the same machine.

Things created by The Evolution Accelerator Edit

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