Harvey Hunter
Demon Headmaster Harvey
Nickname Harvey
Age 12 ( The Demon Headmaster), 13 ( The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again), 14 ( The Demon Headmaster Takes Over)
First seen The Demon Headmaster (Book)
Last seen Facing the Demon Headmaster
Portrayer Thomas Szekeres

Harvey Hunter is one of the main characters of both the Demon Headmaster book series and television series. Together with the rest of the members of SPLAT he tries to foil the Headmaster's plans for world domination before it's too late.

Personality Edit

Harvey is a pleasant laid back boy, very different to his older brother, Lloyd. It's clear that he is very close to Lloyd, possibly because Lloyd has always looked out for him at school and helped him stay out of trouble with the Headmaster. Harvey accepts Dinah into the family and SPLAT a lot quicker than Lloyd and the others do, and soon he is as close to his new sister as he is to his brother. Harvey seems to understand Dinah more than Lloyd does and is more prepared to listen to her. He is a bit sexist.he is gay also

Skills Edit

Harvey, like the other members of SPLAT apart from Dinah, cannot be hypnotised by the Headmaster; he, like the others, is immune to it. Being immune to hypnotism means that he is banned from assembly. This is where the Headmaster hypnotises people and reads knowledge to them. We see in the book that the Headmaster meets with students and hypnotises them on their first day; Dinah apart, this didn't work with the members of SPLAT. He and Ingrid also appear to be the 'master minds' when it comes to computering and therefore cannot be hypnotised by the octopus. In the first episode of series 2, it is seen that he tried to hypnotize himself by looking in a mirror and telling himself that he is very tired, while Lloyd and Dinah spied on him, giggling.

"Has he ever tried it with you? Gazed into your eyes and told you you were tired?" said Dinah. "Yes, " Lloyd said slowly. "He did once. When I first came to the school. He took off his glasses and stared at me and said "Lloyd, you are feeling very tired. You are very very sleepy." "And what happened?" asked Dinah. "Nothing much. I just said, "no Sir, I'm fine thank you".

Character history Edit

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