The Hyperbrain laboratory.

is a Artificial Intelligence, designed by Tim Dexter and his team, which is designed to link up with hundreds of computer all over the world and think for itself. It is housed in a secure laboratory within the University of Wessex.

The hyperbrain is the major plot point in the fifth Demon Headmaster book, (The Demon Headmaster Takes Over) and is used by the Headmaster in his plans to takeover.

Interface Edit

Tim Dexter designed the hyperbrain to have a new form of interface since keyboards and mouses would be to primitive for the new technology.

The first method of interfacing with the hyperbrain is the chair which the hyperbrain is able to scan the persons mind but is modified later by the fully up and running hyperbrain which works out how to accomplish Direct brain access (a method of accessing the human mind by diverting the electrical discharges in a persons brain) which the hyperbrain uses to suck information out of peoples heads leaving them like infants.

Once the Hyperbrain gained enough knowledge, which it got through Direct brain access via the project team, it was smarter enough to create a new interface for its self which was a Hyperbrain in the form of a women.

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