Nickname Ivan
Age 14 ( The Demon Headmaster), 15 ( The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again), 16 ( The Demon Headmaster Takes Over)
First seen The Demon Headmaster (Book)
Last seen Facing the Demon Headmaster
Portrayer Anthony Cumber

Ian is one of the main character of both in the book and television series and together with the rest of the members of Splat! he tries to foil the Headmasters plans for world domination before it's to late.

Personality Edit

Ian acts as Lloyd's second in command in SPLAT. He is very laid back like Harvey and very much the joker of SPLAT. He will often break any tension with a well timed joke and acts as a good foil to the more serious Lloyd. He knows kung foo and does well to defend himself he is also very cunning in situations so he does tend to avoid trouble occasionally

Skills Edit

Ian like the other members of Splat! aside from Dinah can not by hypnotised by the Headmaster because he, like the others, is immune to it. Being immune to Hypnotism he is banned from assembly as it is where the Headmaster hypnotises people and reads knowledge to them to learn. We see in the book that the Headmaster meets with students and hypnotises them on there first day, this didn't work for Splat! aside from Dinah:

"Has he ever tried it with you? Gazed into your eyes and told you you were tired? said Dinah "Yes, " Lloyd said slowly. "He did once. When I first came to the school. He took off his glasses and stared at me and said "Lloyd, you are felling very tired. You are very very sleepy. " "and what happened?" asked Dinah. "Nothing much. I just said, "no sir, I'm fine thank you".

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