Lloyd Hunter
Demon Headmaster Lloyd Hunter
Nickname Lloyd
Age 13 (start of series), 14 ( The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again), 15 ( The Demon Headmaster Takes Over)
First seen The Demon Headmaster (Book)
Last seen Facing the Demon Headmaster
Portrayer Gunnar Cauthery

Lloyd Hunter is one of the main characters of the Demon Headmaster book series as well as the CBBC Television show. He is the leader of SPLAT, the group that continually attempts to foil the Headmaster's plans for world domination.

Personality Edit

Lloyd is one of the key people in the group known as SPLAT along with his younger brother, Harvey. Lloyd attended St Champions, the school where the Demon Headmaster was first planing to take over the nation through the use of television.

He is shown as a strong-hearted young boy that will stand up for himself and others that can't. Though not academically intelligent as Dinah, he is usually the one to take the lead when things get bad . He always looks out for his younger brother Harvey and, despite his initial dislike of her, later comes to care for Dinah like a sister. Indeed, it is he, of all people, who eventually urges his parents to properly adopt Dinah.

Lloyd is a good brother who will always stand up for Harvey.

Skills Edit

Like the other members of SPLAT aside from Dinah, cannot by hypnotised by the Headmaster because he is inexplicably immune to it. As a result of this, he is banned from attending school assemblies, as this is where the Headmaster hypnotises people and gives them knowledge to learn. It is mentioned that the Headmaster did try to hypnotise Lloyd on his first day at school; but that Lloyd, when gently told he was feeling very sleepy, simply replied "No sir, I'm fine, thank you".

Lloyd is not suspicious like Harvey.

Lloyd and Harvey support Tottenham Hotspur FC


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