Bill Hunter
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First seen The Demon Headmaster (Book)
Last seen Facing the Demon Headmaster
Portrayer David Lloyd

Bill Hunter (usually referred to in the series as Mr. Hunter) is the biological dad of Lloyd and Harvey Hunter and adoptive dad of Dinah Hunter . He appears in the series less often than Mrs. Hunter but is often very important to the plot.

Role in the first two booksEdit

Mr. Hunter is only a minor character in The Demon Headmaster and The Prime Minister's Brain. In the first book, he is only seen at the beginning, when Dinah arrives at the Hunters, and at the end, when they decide to send Dinah back to the Children's Home and Lloyd says they should adopt her properly.

In the second book, Mr. Hunter appears when Dinah recieves the letter saying that she has got a place in the final of the Junior Computer Brain of the Year competition. When Dinah starts having a tantrum about wanting a S-7 computer, Mr. Hunter sends her to her room.

He is absent in The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster.

Role in the fourth bookEdit

The plot of The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again revolves around the fact that Mr Hunter has been head hunted for by The Biogenetic Research Centre and so the family is moved to a new house (paid for by the centre) in a new village. Although he is the reason they moved he is not with his family for much of the book/tv series as he is sent off to train for his new job. When Lloyd is stung by a giant wasp, he is asked repeatedly by Mrs. Hunter to come home. Finally, he decides that Lloyd is more important than his job and he resigns, returning in time to see Lloyd out of his coma.

Role in the fifth and sixth booksEdit

In The Demon Headmaster Takes Over, Mr. Hunter has got a new job and has to go abroad for a while.

In Facing the Demon Headmaster, he is back from abroad. When Dinah misses the bus home after seeing Phil Ashby in Maidborough Hospital, she calls Mr. Hunter to pick her up. On the way home, she tells him about Phil Ashby and she shows him the photo of Phil.

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