Phil Ashby is a character from Facing the Demon Headmaster who has memory problems and doesn't know his real name. The Headmaster replaces a picture of the Phil Ashby to trick Dinah and get her in his power.

The Real Phil Ashby Edit

What we know about the real Phil Ashby, not his real name, is that he lost is memory more than 10 years ago. He wrote the book "The History of Great Ley" which featured in a newspaper story that Dinah discovered but later we find out she was lead there by Ellie who is a spy for the Headmaster.

Phil wrote the book on Great Ley as it was the first place he could remember as he stayed there whilst it was being built. All this information as well as the picture of Dinah's father replacing the real picture of Phil leads Dinah to think that Phil is her father. We find out that Phil is in Maidborough hospital Intensive Care after he crashed his car.