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Age 17
Team Headmaster's Mercenary
First seen The Demon Headmaster (Book)
Last seen The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again
Portrayer Katey Crawford Kastin
Rose Carter2
Prefect meeting rose

Rose Carter was a Prefect in the school that appeared in the first book in the series. In the television series, she was portrayed by Katey Crawford Kastin. Given her prevalent role compared to the other Prefects, it seems that she had more power and may have been the equivalent of a Head Girl (with Jeff being Head Boy). She has a birth mark under her right eye, which adds to her sinister apperance.

Rose was the cruelest of the Prefects and stamped out disorder in the school in an often harsh manner. For example when Harvey threw a snowball at Dinah and Lloyd in the playground, Rose made all three of them remove their jackets, scarves and gloves before instructing them to sweep up all of the snow in the yard and form the heap into a pile of snowballs with their bare hands. She did this even after being warned of Harvey's weak chest. After they had finished, Rose and Jeff made the other Prefects push the freezing children into the cold snow.

We see Rose again in The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again when her mother has been head hunted by The Biogenetic Research Centre just like Mr Hunter has. The Headmaster soon has her under his control again and starts having her try to separate Lloyd, Harvey and Dinah making them fall out.


Rose in her gestapo like trench coat.

Personality Edit

A power monger who likes to prey on those under her charge, Rose is cruel and manipulative. She has been a key asset in two of the Headmaster's plans. We first meet her as Head Girl of the school in The Demon Headmaster (the first book in the series, later televised in the first three episodes of series one), during which time she and the other Prefects were tasked with keeping order and acting as "...the voice of the Headmaster".

In The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again, she is hired to do the Headmasters dirty work again. She is tasked with turning the members of S.P.L.A.T. against one another, as the Headmaster has come to the conclusion that their strength lies as a team and that individually they would be no match for him.

At the end of the series Rose is seen crying as Eve lays on the floor dying and shows remorse. It isnt known at the time if Rose was fully under the Headmaster's hyponosis at the time. However more then likey Rose was a normal child with emotions and feelings but was just used as a pawn by the Headmaster because she was susceptible to hypnosis and being controlled. Also when the fire happens she prays to herself saying " let them come out safe"

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