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SPLAT (The Society for the Protection of Our Lives Against Them) is a group of children from the books and television series who face off against the Headmaster trying to figure out his plans and a way to stop them. However, they are often quite oblivious to the fact that their lives are in grave danger from the Headmaster, and whatever action they take is too insignificant to bring the Headmaster to justice.

The main purpose of SPLAT is to protect members of the community from the Headmaster. They also perform various fun activities during the holidays such as picnics, or visits to the Computer Club.

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The HQ (or the secret meeting place of SPLAT) is referred to as the SPLAT Shed which appears to be located near the Hunters house since they are able to get to get from the house to the shed quite quickly (The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster). To be allowed access to the Shed you simply knock and the people inside say "The man who can keep order can rule the world" to which you reply with "but the man who can bear disorder is truly free".

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SPLAT don't normally have a "SPLAT uniform" and just tend to wear either their normal clothes or their school uniforms during meetings. However in The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster they opted to wear Hunky Parker T-Shirts after they became obsessed with the craze. It's not exactly stated when this was discontinued but it can be assumed it was during the book after Dinah found that the Hunky Parker episodes were full of subliminal frames which made people become obsessed with the craze and SPLAT started investigating.

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SPLAT's main enemy, in both in the books and TV Series was the series' antagonist, The Demon Headmaster who appeared in each book. Even though the Headmaster appeared in every book he often went by names:

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