Series 2
Demon Headmaster Series 2
Original Run Sep 25th - Nov 6,1996
Num of episodes 07
Series: 1, 2, 3,

Series 2 refers to the second series of the Demon Headmaster Television Series. All episodes based on The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again)

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Dinah's father is head-hunted for a new job at the Biogenetic Research Centre and who should be the Director, but the Demon Headmaster... This time is lust for power sees him meddling with evolution itself.

The consequences of his evil schemes will be deadly if the SPLAT gang doesn't act and fast as The Demon Headmaster is in charge of a scientific research centre and has created an Evolution Accelerator, a machine to speed up the evolution process and produce the perfect human. But for this he needs Dinah's DNA, and then to put her into terrible danger to test his theories.

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