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The Demon Headmaster was a televsion series, made for CBBC, based on the Demon Headmaster books by Gillian Cross.

The show ran twice weekly from January 1996 to January 1998. The first series contained six episodes, and aired twice weekly from 2 January to 18 January 1996, the second series contained seven episodes, and aired once a week from 25 September to 6 November 1996, and the third series contained six episodes, and aired twice weekly from 6 January to 22 January 1998.

A notable fact from the TV series is that the only character who wear glasses of any kind is the Headmaster himself: he is only able to hypnotise people when he removes these.

Relation to the books Edit

The television series was adapted from a number of books in the Demon Headmaster book series by Gillian Cross.

The first three episodes of the first series was adapted from the first book of the series. The story for the last three episodes was adapted from "The Prime Minister's Brain".The entire second series was adapted from "The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again" and lasted for seven episodes.

The third series was adapted completely from fifth book, "The Demon Headmaster Takes Over" and lasted for six episodes.Several books from the book series were not adapted for the television. These were the third book "The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster" and the sixth book "Facing the Demon Headmaster".

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The first series was released on the 5th of January 1998 to a VHS video titled "The Demon Headmaster Look Into My Eyes", which the series was re-edited into two 70-minute long episodes (Look Into My Eyes and The Prime Minister's Brain).

The series was released onto a DVD title "BBC Classics – Demon Headmaster". All the episodes of The Demon Headmaster can currently be found online.

The complete series is being released on DVD by Simply Media 14th May 2018, titled "The Demon Headmaster - The Complete Series".

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The Demon Headmaster TV series, was predominantly filmed in and around north west London. The most obvious location, is the Atrium building in Uxbridge, which serves as Vulcan Tower.

In Series 1, episode 4, SPLAT are entering a railway station, which is actually Hatch End. It is worth noting however, in the same episode, when SPLAT emerge from the Underground onto Moore's island, the road and flyover are actually in Paddington, with Vulcan Tower added to the background. 

In Series 2, most of the village scenes are filmed in Sarratt, a small village in Hertfordshire. The village is given the fictional name of “Shellbrook”, which appears to be in the country of Warwickshire which would make sense as the locals all speak with a slight West Midlands twang.

In Series 3, the cyber cafe where Splat set up their headquaters against The Headmaster was filmed in Rickmansworth not far from Sarrat, so other scenes may have been so as well.

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