Takes Over (Part One)
Series 03, Episode 01
Demon Headmaster S03E01
Air Date January 6, 1998
Previous Strikes Again (Part 7)
Next Takes Over (Part 2)

Takes Over Part 1 is the first episode of the third series of the Demon Headmaster Television Series.

These episodes are based on the book "The Demon Headmaster Takes Over".

Synopsis Edit

The Army come to clear the remains of the Bio-Genetic Research Centre, but in doing to activate the cloning of the Demon Headmaster. He's back, but with no recollection of his previous life, or even his name...

The Hunters move again, this time to near a university. Dinah meets Michael Dexter, son of Professor Tim Dexter, who is working on the 'Hyperbrain' project: the creation of a super-computer, that is to house the entire knowledge-base of mankind.

Full plot Edit

'To be added'

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