"This isn't a holiday camp you're going to, remember. It's a special session for Brains. I bet the rest of them could work out how to get there. They're probably all knocking on the door now. Horrible little wizened fellows, with great bulging egg heads. And little pebbly glasses. And backs all bent from stooping over their books."

The Brains is the collective name given to the children who attend the final round of the Junior Computer Brain Of the Year at Saracen Tower. The nickname was jokingly given to them by Ian as a way of teasing Dinah which Dinah keeps using in the narrative throughout the book.

The Brains are British children who have all beaten the Octopus Dare game and have been selected by Computer Director, The Headmaster, to help with his plans. The Brains main goal is to use there intelligence and computer skills to try to break there way into a secure computer system. Whilst they think this is just a game, the finials of the competition, they are really trying to brake into the Downing street computer system as part of the headmaster plans to take over the country.

Dinah figures out the Headmaster plans and informs the Brains about his plot, along with her history with him. The Headmaster leaves via helicopter to travel to Downing street and puts the Octopuses on all the computer screens to hypnotise the Brains so that they can't stop him. Splat arrive in the room minutes after, having been climbing up the rubbish shoot since Dinah enter the building, and switch off the little screens and cover up the main screen.

The Headmaster has set up a booby trap where if anyone tries to use the computer system it will start a fire in the lifts which are the only way out of the building. The Brains bravely decide that they must stop the Headmaster, even if it means being trapped in a burning building. However Splat suggest that they should stop his plans whilst the Brains climb down the rubbish shoot.

The Brains Edit

Although we don't find the exact number of Brains, there are quite a number of them, enough to fill at least three or four rows in the computer room. In the television series there is probably around 30, the average classroom size, but there might be more. Despite there being quite a few Brains we only really get to know a couple.

We however know that they are Male and Female British children from a wide range of ages with Camilla being one of the oldest and Bess being one of the youngest. They are smart or at the very least good at computer games as they beat Octopus Dare. One of them is a vegetarian, one doesn't like Carrots and one can't eat Rice pudding as it brings him out in a rash.

The Brains that we know of are:

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