The Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster, Book 01
The Demon Headmaster
Released 1984
Format paperback 160 Pages
ISBN ISBN 0-19-275374-6
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The Demon Headmaster (Book) is the first book in the Demon Headmaster series. The book follows Dinah is an orphan who has just got adopted by the Hunter family.

This book was later adapted by CBBC and became to the first half of series one of the TV series

Synopsis Edit

"I hope you are not going to be a person who won't co-operate with me . . ."
―The Headmaster to Dinah

Dinah moves in with the Hunter's and begins to go to school with her foster brothers Lloyd and Harvey. Dinah finds adjusting to school life hard; thinking that is rather strange and out-of-the-ordinary: pupils suddenly talk like robots and do weird things - even Dinah finds herself acting oddly. She's sure the headmaster has some kind of power over them, and is determined to find out more. But the Demon Headmaster is equally determined to stop her.

When Dinah Glass is fostered by the Hunters she thinks her biggest problem will be fitting in with her foster-brothers, Lloyd and Harvey. However, once she starts at her new school, St Champions, it's clear that there's more to worry about.When she starts at her new school, and finds it a very strange place.

For a start, none of the children play rowdy games in the playground. They just stand around in Study Circles, memorizing facts - multiplication tables and dates of kins and queens of England. And her two new foster brothers (Harvey and Lloyd) who she has come to live with seem very nervous of the Headmaster.

She soon finds out why when she meets the head for herself. Tall and thin in his black gown, with white hair and black glasses, he isn't a very comfortable character to spend any time with. So Dinah is quite surprised that she should fall asleep in his office during her first interview with him.

Dinah Thinks she knows all the facts. The headmaster, the kids and the school. Eventually her foster brothers tell her what is going on. The headmaster hypnontizes everyone, but Lloyd and Harvey (aswell as a few others) cannot be hypnotized. Before Dinah turns into the headmasters slave, they use her to spy on him. They figure out his master plan and stop him carrying it out.

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Gallery Edit

Several editions of this book have been released through out the years, each one having a different cover design. This was done for different reasons such as the whole book series featuring characters from the Television series.