The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again
Demon Headmaster, Book 04
Demon Headmaster Strikes Again
Released 1996
Format Paperback - 192 Pages
ISBN ISBN 0-19-275388-6
Previous The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster
Next The Demon Headmaster Takes Over

The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again is the fourth book in The Demon Headmaster Books series.

This book was later adapted by CBBC and became the second series of the Demon Headmaster TV Series

Plot Edit

Dinah and her brothers have moved house as their dad's got a new job at the Biogenetic Research Centre/BRC

People in the village talk like robots when the centre is mentioned, calling it a very good neighbour. There's a mysterious buzzing sound near the centre, and a creeper that can grow at an incredible speed. And why is the centre surrounded by such scary security guards? When the kids start probing, they soon run into trouble. Dinah finds she herself is part of a terrifying DNA experiment-masterminded by none other than the Demon Headmaster.

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Gallery Edit

Several editions of this book have been released through out the years, each one having a different cover design. This was done for different reasons such as the whole book series featuring characters from the Television series.

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