The eddy hair show
The Eddy Hair show is a television programme presented by Eddy Hair favoured by members of SPLAT, especially by Harvey Hunter. Near the end of the show, there is a school quiz called Eddy Hair's Great School Quiz. 2 schools compete against each other with 3 selected pupils in a team. They answer 10 questions each and the losing teams Headmaster gets covered in red gunge. Other characters that appear in The
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Eddy Hair Show is a man standing beside a Panda costume, there is also 2 assistants of Eddy, both women, one named Susie ( who was in the panda costume).

Part of The Headmaster's Master Plan was to hypnotise everybody in the country via The Eddy Hair Show as it was a very popular show, watched by young and old alike. His plan failed as Dinah covered him with gunge while he was hypnotising the whole country.

The Headmaster's plan is foiled.

Known Participants Edit

  • Manor Park School  vs  Unknown School
  • St Champions vs Manor Park School