The Headmaster
Nickname Headmaster, Director, Controller, sir
Age 50-60 (Approximately)
Team His own agenda
First seen The Demon Headmaster (Book)
Last seen Beware of the Demon Headmaster
Portrayer Terrence Hardiman

The Headmaster (portrayed by Terrence Hardiman) is the nemesis of both The Demon Headmaster Books and the Television series.

He is called the Headmaster, mostly due the fact that we first see him as Headmaster of St Champions in the first book and this name is simply adopted by the characters in the book later on.

In each book he is planning new ways of conquering the world and installing himself as its new leader, because he sees the world as unordered and inefficient. He believes in order and discipline and wants to make a world of complete order without love and happiness, as he thinks they are silly emotions. This also includes getting rid of choice and making everyone subservient to his will; he also hypnotises children to take over the world. It can also be implied that he is a sadist and psychotic, as he is willing to murder and enslave others through hypnotization to achieve world domination. It is unclear if he is the leader of a terrorist organization, a fascist or if he is a communist, but he does display some of the characteristics of all of these throughout the series. Moreover, it is more heavily implied that he is the leader of a terrorist organization, as he typically hypnotizes people with a high ranking, e.g such as Tim Dexter, who is a well-known scientist working on A.I in series 3, and has his own army of believers of his brutal ideology. His megalomania and desire to control every aspect of people's lives also places him on the fascism spectre.

Possible Crime Charges Edit

Had the Demon Headmaster being caught by the police, and failed to hypnotize them, this is the list of the possible crimes the Demon Headmaster would have been charged for, and convicted given that there would be enough evidence to do so:

- Numerous murder attempts (possibly 1st and 2nd degree murders as well)

- Torture; generally inhuman treatment

- Child abuse

- Kidnapping

- Deception

- Insurrection

- Physical assault (possibly sexual assault as well)

- Terrorism, if he was in fact the leader of a terrorist organization

- Arson

The list of crimes would have been similar to the prefects had they been caught too. The Demon Headmaster would have been sentenced to life prison if he was proven guilty, or if caught in another country where the death penalty was in practice, then he would have been killed for his crimes. The prefects would either have been sentenced to 30+ years of prison each, with the maximum being a life sentence for each.

Description Edit

He was tall and thin, dressed in an immaculate black suit. From his shoulders, a long black teacher's gown hung in heavy folds, like wings, giving him the appearance of a huge crow. Only his head was startlingly white. Fair hair, almost as colourless as snow, lay around a face with almost paper white skin and pallid lips. His eyes were hidden behind dark glases, like two black holes in the middle of all the whiteness. When it came to children he would show no mercy whatsoever.

Names Edit

The headmaster is known throughout the series by many different names and titles as each of his plans to take over the world includes different means:

Death and Clone Edit


The Demon Headmaster meets his end.


The Headmaster being brought back as a clone.

At the end of The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again, the Headmaster is "killed" when he is grabbed and dragged into the Evolution Accelerator. However in The Demon Headmaster Takes Over, it is revealed that the Army could have triggered the Headmaster's DNA reproduction, by switching the power back on, and created his clone that appears in this book and Facing the Demon Headmaster. In The Demon Headmaster Takes Over, the Headmaster has no memory whatsoever and doesn't even know his real name or recognise members of SPLAT!.

Character history Edit

Nothing is known of The Headmaster's history. His name is never given, his is referred to as either Sir, Headmaster, The Director or The Controller.

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