The Headmaster's Staff has six staff to do his bidding, 3 men and 3 woman, they are his own personal henchman hypnosied to do his bidding such as security and following his master plan.

They are mostly background characters and rarely speak, they mostly create tension from trying not to 'be caught' by them and are a barrier to stop SPLAT from getting to the Headmaster too soon.

They are first seen watching The Eddy Hair Show along with The Headmaster and they are seen being hypnotised by The Headmaster. They are also seen getting instrutions on the Headmaster's master plan however because his plot failed we never see what the plan was and never see the staff in the school again.

They appear again however in The Prime Minister's Brain in Vulcan Tower and are proberly the same people. They helped the Headmaster with his Super Salamander plan and delt with children who interfeared with The Headmaster's plans. They left shortly before the Headmaster headed to Downing Street.

They make a third and final appearance working in The Demon Headmaster strikes again' at The Biogenetic Research Centre for The Headmaster. They were more then likey staff working at the centre previously which the Headmaster took control of. Their actions became more sinster as they abducted Lloyd after he was stung by the Gaint Wasp and was in a coma, ethier to run tests or inducing the coma themselves so SPLAT would be destracted from the Headmaster's plans. However, Lloyd surviving their attempted murder gave them away, leading to the Headmaster's eventual seeming killing. They also patrolled the BRC grounds as a security force and set up Eve's test.

Member of the BRC staff about to abduct Lloyd.

The staff don't make an appearance in any future episodes as the clone of The Headmaster doesnt have any memory of them or SPLAT.

The Headmaster doesn't think very highly of his Staff as he quotes when 4 of them fail to aprehend Dinah Hunter and Simon James when they are caught investigating over The Biogenetic Research Centre wall, he simply uses his staff and Rose as pawns for his own personal gain.

After the Headmaster is vaporised by the Evolution Accelerator the staff are seeing rubbing their heads as if the Headmasters hold over them had been lifted, this could mean that the trance wasnt very deep and could be the reason the Headmaster had to keep hypnotizing them to keep them under guise.

"Pity I have to depend on such minions."
―The Headmaster

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Staff 1

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