The Prime Minister's Brain
Demon Headmaster, Book 2
Demon Headmaster Prime Minister's Brain
Released 1985
Format Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN ISBN 0-19-275372-X
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The Prime Minister's Brain (sometimes refereed to as The Demon Headmaster and The Prime Minister's Brain) is the second book in The Demon Headmaster Books series.

This book was later adapted by CBBC and became the last three episode of series one of the Demon Headmaster TV Series

Plot Edit

All Dinah could think of was that she knew she could work out the puzzle. If only she could see the octopus again... Almost in a daze, she sat down in front of the computer.

Everyone at school is playing the new computer game, Octopus Dare - but only Dinah is good enough to beat it. Dinah finds she can't stop playing the game, and she forgets who she is when she looks into the whirling eyes of the Octopus -s - s -s -s. What is happening, and how is the Demon Headmaster involved? And why does he want the Prime Minister's brain?

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Several editions of this book have been released through out the years, each one having a different cover design. This was done for different reasons such as the whole book series featuring characters from the Television series.

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