Suss out the STY!!
Holiday at Hunky's place for
Sun and Snow together!!

The STY is the Headquarters of the The Headmaster's Hunky Parker plot which, to the public pretends to be a holiday place called the STY. The STY appears in The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster.

Arrival at the Sty Edit

When the guest arrive they are taken into "The welcome room" where they are shown a video of Hunky Parker (masked version) aka the Headmaster which hypnotizes them to obey hunky Parker.

The video

"You made it! Now sit back and enjoy your first ED-u-cated holiday! Where even the weather does what you want."

"Angrily, he opened his eyes again and glared at the screen. There was Hunky Parker, waddling towards a bright red door. the door opened ---- and Lloyd shrank back into his chair. Green eye flamed him out behind the pig mask, staring straight at him. The ordinary, comic pig had disappeared, and they were watching the real Hunky Parker."

This time he didn't flash past. The camera moved into close-up, until the mask filled the screen, and the huge, luminous eye stared out at them. And then the figure spoke,

"You have come a long way.You must be feeling tired and sleepy.Very, very sleepy..."

"Look into my eyes", the voice murmured, "Look deep,deep into my eyes".

"For almost an hour, the voice talked steadily filling their heads with complicated details that went on and on.... listen to this found,At the first whistle, you will stand absolutely still. At the second one you will follow the women in the Gray overalls... you will do the work that is given to you... you will remember nothing of what happens outside the Dome... you will obey the women in grey overalls"

After the video has finished the Gray Ladies test tat the video has worked by making the statement "Those are Hunky's orders" which if it worked should be replied with "Hunky's orders will be obeyed"

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